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Mara and Elysia are joined by the classically trained performer who has channeled artistic expression into fitness and social media encouragement Kayla Kleinman. She is a Social Media Coach and Creator @yoursocialmedia.bff, Blogger (Kayla in the City link below), and *loud* Yoga Teacher in our Muscle Spasms hometown, the city that never sleeps, NYC. Through the pandemic year(s) she has had nothing but positive vibes to share through her social media platforms but isn’t fake about it. In a world of oversaturated Facetuned photos, unrealistic body expectations, in a panicked and inflammatory political climate, she is a bright voice in the dark. Tune in to hear the importance of self-care and forgiveness, creative expression, and the power of movement, laughter, and for the love of Zeus, REST. Strong legs, clear head, open heart— never fails.

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