Dehydration Station— Crushing Our Nation?


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WATER WILL MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND YOUR SKIN WILL GLOW!! Now that I have your attention, that’s true. Everyone knows that they’re supposed to drink water, this isn’t news, but what not everyone knows is how much? ... when? Does juice count? Elysia and Mara take a deep dive (pun!) into the science of the benefits of hydration and more importantly, the serious effects of dehydration. Anti-anxiety medications, ADHD stimulants, anti-psychotics, compounds that affect the way your brain reacts to stimuli are all heavily reliant on nutrition and water consumption. Do you need to up your dose? Hungry? Sexually frustrated? Having a panic attack? All of these internal needs can be translated incorrectly and the girls explain how staying on hydration not only helps your mind, but might reduce the need for higher dosages and even if you’re not on anything like this, how you can ensure your brain and muscles don’t experience symptoms that make you think you *need* medical help. Masks— are they dehydrating? Or is it just less convenient to drink? All this and more with tips on how to take care of that beautiful vessel of yours.

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