Guinness Book Of Pull Ups With Harrison Lessans


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Harrison Lessans joins Mara and Elysia in preparation for his Guinness World Record attempt (completion!) of the most pull-ups in 24hrs. Breaking it down into 5-6 pull-ups every 5 minutes to hit more than 7600 (the current record), if he keeps that pace he could even hit 8,120. This is no easy task but he goes into detail about motivation, how-to, and strength endurance training. Want to go from Zero Pull-Ups to Hero Pull-Ups?! Check in with shoulder mobility, once impingements are conquered, try a dead hang, scapula retractions, add a long band to the bar as your resistance training wheels, work on lat pulldowns and mid-back engagement, put in the practice and the pull-ups will come. We promise!

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