Olympia Special Milos, Presti & Sassi, Kaltwasser, Big Vlad, Brooke MD Global Muscle S4 E36 1


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It's time for our pre-Olympia special guys, another totally STACKED line-up of amazing guests for you this week, just days away from 2021 Olympia. First up we had Italian super team, Andrea Presti and coach Mauro Sassi, Andrea, the first Mr Olympia competitor from Italy in 28 years. Next was WPD future superstar Brooke Walker who updates us as she heads into her first ever Olympia this weekend. Next was 25 year old Vlad Suhoruchko, who was qualified for the Mr Olympia, but sadly couldn't get to USA to even compete, we find out exactly what happened. Following Vlad was bikini Legend & 3-time Bikini Olympia Champion Ashley Kaltwasser and finally host Giles 'Tiger' Thomas was joined by the Mind himself, Milos Sarcev giving us a full, in-depth breakdown of the entire Mr Olympia line-up. And, of course, we have the ever-popular Hot News segment. MD Global Muscle, for TRUE bodybuilding fans ONLY. #MuscularDevelopment

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