How to Cure The Practice Problem Part I | Ep 126


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It's a problem when students don't practice. But the practice problem goes even deeper than that. It creates a problem in your business when you have expectations that aren't being met.

Rewards, incentives, and prizes for practice only go so far. For some kids (perhaps many) practice is not a priority. (And for some parents).

Parents anticipate a battle over practice and possibly opt out of music lessons altogether and choose another activity that doesn't require consistent at-home practice.

Why is that music lessons even have a practice expectation? Most after-school activities simply require you to show up. The 8-year-old starting in dance is required to practice at home. The 8-year old piano student is.

In episode 1 of this 3 part series, I discuss the source of the practice and lay the groundwork for an actual cure and practical applications in episodes 2 and 3.

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