Mini Interview: Anna Mayer on Transitioning from Full-Time School Teacher to Studio Owner


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Happy new year! As I ease back into my regular routine, I’m popping in today with a quick announcement and a mini podcast interview.

First, the announcement. As I mentioned in previous weeks, I’ll be bringing another live cohort of teachers through the Business Building 101 course starting January 18.

This 12-week course is all about building a strong foundation for a financially-sustainable business.

You’ll get weekly video lessons to complete whenever it’s convenient and you can join the live office hours to get personalized help and hang out with other teachers in the cohort.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be bringing you some bonus mini interviews with teachers who went through the Business Building course last summer. Their situations and goals are so different, so you’ll get to hear a bunch of different perspectives.

My guest today is a multi-instrumentalist and former full-time school music teacher who decided she wanted to become a private teacher so she could have more flexibility in her life. You’ll hear how Anna Mayer is navigating that transition and how she’s intentionally designing her studio to get that flexibility.

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