What It's Like Running a Black Owned Wine Company in 2020


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Love wine? So do we. One of the best ways of traveling without traveling is through the wine of a particular country. Our guest this episode is Ayele Solomon, a conservationist turned wine maker. Ayele is the founder of Honey Wine Co which produces the Bee D’Vine brand,inspired by his home country Ethiopia. Bee D'Vine is a super premium barrel-aged honey wine crafted in Sonoma exclusively from select raw California honey and springwater. It is available dry & semi sweet.

Ayele shares memories of his travels across Africa, what it's like running a black owned winery in Sonoma, California and how to support black winemakers.

Listeners of this episode get a special discount when purchasing wine from Bee D'Vine. To claim this discount, reach out to Ayele via the Bee D'Vine social media pages




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