Ep. 185: Scott Jacobs, Co-Founder & CEO of Generate Capital


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Today's guest is Scott Jacobs, Co-Founder & CEO of Generate Capital.
Generate is a leading sustainable infrastructure platform delivering affordable, reliable resource solutions to companies, communities, and cities.
In 2007, Scott joined McKinsey & Company to co-found its global Clean Technologies Practice, advising companies, institutional investors, NGOs, and governments worldwide on the economic imperatives of resource productivity and climate solutions. Before that, Scott spent over a decade in technology and venture capital, helping start and grow several companies. In 2014, Scott co-founded Generate Capital and has served as CEO since. In addition, he is a regular writer, keynote speaker, and conference panelist on thematic investing and risk management, climate- and resource-related innovation, and building values-based and people-centric businesses. Scott earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Dartmouth College.
I was looking forward to sitting down with Scott and learning more about Generate Capital. Scott walks me through what led him to co-found Generate, the problem Generate is setting out to fix, and what sets the firm apart from its competitors. We also dive into how impact factors into Generate's mission, the types of entities that invest in Generate, and how the firm deploys capital. In addition, we cover carbon offsets, the future of fossil fuels, and a lack of political leadership around climate change. Scott is a fantastic guest.
Enjoy the show!
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Episode recorded November 1st, 2021
For more information about Generate Capital, visit: https://generatecapital.com/
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