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Today's guest is Tadeau Carneiro, Chairman & CEO of Boston Metal.
This episode was part of the SOSV Climate Tech Summit. The SOSV Climate Tech Summit aims to convene the climate tech startup ecosystem of founders, investors, technologists, corporates, policymakers, and media to discuss the extreme challenges ahead. This year, the summit was held virtually on October 20th & 21st.
Spun-out of MIT in 2012, Boston Metal has invented a coal-free, emissions-free, modular method of industrial steel production based on the use of electricity. The company's molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) provides the metals industry with a greener solution for producing several metals and alloys from a wide variety of feedstocks. Earlier this year, Boston Metal raised $50 million in a Series B led by Piva Capital and Fidelity Investments. Tadeu joined the company in 2017 as its CEO, bringing with him more than 40 years of metal industry leadership and technology experience.
In this episode, Tadeau walks me through Boston Metal, the company's founding, and capital raise to date. We also discuss why steel is hard to decarbonize and why it poses a climate threat. Lastly, Tadeau weighs in on the importance of mission alignment for investors and advice for future entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the show!
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Episode recorded October 8th, 2021
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