Skull Fµ©kery and Stinky Fur


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After a long, long road (That wasn't really a road) Our group finds themselves upon Gru'gon's camp and then the monster Himself.


Shah'vey'o Dreadstep - Monk (Master of Many styles) - Minatour: Played by Heather

Elladean Crowley - Bard - Human?: Played by Jason

A'plex Nyctophilia - Rogue - Shadow Elf: Played by Jesse

Lucas Lockhart - Oracle - Saytr: Played by Jamie

Deacon Marinal - Bounty Hunter (Rogue) - Human: Played by Phil

Dom'Neek Opress - Kensai - Force Elf: Played by Jessica

Dungeon Master - All - All: Played by Dennis

28 episodes