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In this week's podcast we are joined by Ellary TuckerWilliams and Kent Keene of the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation. Ellary recently brought to our attention a nation wide initiative that is now being championed by the Biden Administration among others to "protect" 30% of our lands and waters by the year 2030. As with many such broad based, ambiguous movements, sportsmen and conservationists including ourselves have our trepidations, and rightly so. There has recently been an onslaught of legislation introduced, fought, and in some cases, passed attacking our long standing heritage of hunting, fishing, and trapping. Join us as we discuss where the movement started, issues with it, and what you can do as a sportsman to stay engaged and informed. We also discuss Congressional Sportsman's Foundation purpose and involvement in the issue. We want to thank Ellary and Kent for a great podcast that was extremely engaging and informative!

If you are interested in learning more about CSF and other sportsman group involvement in the 30 by 30 initiative go to www.huntfish3030.com

If you would like to stay informed about more than just 30 by 30, visit congressionalsportsmen.org. You can also sign up for their newsletter and the Tracking the Capitols report to stay up to date with legislation impacting sportsmen in your state.

You can also find a copy of the American System of Conservation Funding fact sheet for New Mexico on our website. Did you know that in New Mexico, 99.3 of NM Game and Fish's budget is sportsmen and women generated dollars? This fact sheet breaks down how conservation in New Mexico is paid for! Check it out!

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