Gary Owen Lets It All Out | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #12


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This week on T-Pain's Nappy Boy Radio Podcast comedian Gary Owen joins the crew for an unforgettable episode. In possibly the greatest collaboration of comedy and music history, T-Pain agrees to remix an angry voicemail from Gary's dad to Gary. It's brilliant and Gary agrees to use it to open up his next show. Fitness becomes a topic of discussion as Gary brings up Orangetheory and T-Pain confesses to going once but never again when they started playing his music. Taking selfies with Marshawn Lynch, reading social media comments and most importantly- Tyrese Gibson? The conversation gets off the rails when Gary decides he DOES like sugar and has a healthy samping of the drink of the week blueberry Red Bull and Vodka. You don't want to miss this legendary episode of NBRP with T-Pain!

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