Ep 38: Katie Stewart on Skin Care that is More Than Skin Deep


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Skin health is more than skin deep! In today’s episode, we are joined by acne nutritionist and health influencer, Katie Stewart, who, after overcoming her own struggles with acne, is now on a mission to help others do the same. A common response to acne is to treat it with topical skin products, but these don’t get to the root cause of the problem, and, for various reasons which Katie explains, can often make it worse. Instead, we need to look after our insides, because the health of our gut and our liver is directly correlated with the health of our skin. There are numerous internal causes of the external break-outs that so many people experience, and it’s important that you figure out what is going on in your body specifically before you decide to go on a juice cleanse or take a probiotic that was recommended by a friend. Stress is another major cause of skin problems, and learning how to set boundaries is also a vital part of healing from the inside out.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Katie’s personal experience with acne.
  • The lightbulb moment when Katie realized acne was a symptom, and what she did about it.
  • Examples of gut health issues that can cause skin problems.
  • How to determine if you have low stomach acid, and ways that you can increase it.
  • An explanation of what small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is.
  • Toxins that we apply to our skin, and how these impact our liver.
  • What happens to our skin when we take supplements without opening up elimination pathways.
  • Foods that will help your liver, and therefore help your skin.
  • The connection between your gut, your liver, and your hormones.
  • How stress affects your skin.
  • Another reason to add to the list of why sleep is so important.
  • Numerous reasons that you should not pop your pimples, and what to do instead.
  • A database you can use to work out the toxicity levels of your skincare products.
  • Instead of buying expensive products, work with an acne specialist.
  • The age range of the clients who Katie sees.
  • Recommendations for people who are struggling with psoriasis.


“We really need to work to get to that deep root of what is happening in your gut.” — @KatieStewartRHN [0:05:21]

“Before you start getting into these crazy detoxes you want to be making sure that you’re supporting your body with nutrient dense whole foods.” — @KatieStewartRHN [0:12:37]

“Our gut, our liver, and our hormones work synergistically together.” — @KatieStewartRHN [0:14:30]

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