S2 E15 - Self-isolation, Freedom and GP; Drug Optimisation for the Multimorbid; Antispasmodics for Low Back Pain


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In this episode, Neal Tucker squeezes in a podcast between childcare during self-isolation. When he's let out there will be a new sort of Freedom in England, should the rest of the UK be jealous?
We think about rising covid numbers, how this impacts general practice (and the rest of the health service), and what role vaccination for children should play in this complex situation.
Also, we look at new research on evidence-based drug optimisation strategies in multimorbid and question why they don't work and whether this matters, and antispasmodics for low back pain. Most of us prescribe them, are they really helpful?
New Scientist Is it time for the UK to vaccination children against covid 19?
JAMA Long term Symptoms After COVID infection in children and adolescents
BMJ Antispasmodics in LBP

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