Building (and Funding) Neurotech Companies


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Welcome to the Season 1 finale of Neurotech Pub. In this episode, Matt Angle speaks with fellow Neurotech CEOs, Konstantinos Alataris, Frank Fischer, and Marcus Gerhardt.

"We cover a lot in this discussion, but one of the big themes is how challenging it can be to raise money, to build neuro devices. This episode was originally recorded last winter, and it was instantly one of my favorite episodes. So like a fine wine, I laid it down until the time was right to share it with friends.

Since the episode was recorded, Nesos, Paradromics, and BlackRock all had major funding announcements. Nesos and BlackRock underwent rebranding campaigns, and NeuroPace went public on Nasdaq. This podcast was recorded during a bleak winter, but our optimism proved prescient. The podcast aged well, and now the field is the strongest, best funded, and most exciting that it's ever been. I know you'll enjoy the discussion."
- Matt Angle, CEO, Paradromics

01:08 | Meeting Heros

08:02 | Company Origins: NeuroPace, Blackrock Neuro, and Nēsos

25:28 | Now vs Then, a Decade of Neurotech Entrepreneurship

1:04:50 | Investor Backing in Neurotech

1:20:44 | BCI Future Is Underway

// Director & Host: Matt Angle
// Producer: Lili Byrne and Ali Stuckey

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