The Drinks Bring Back All The Memories


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In this episode, podcast host and Paradromics CEO, Matt Angle brings together memory-researchers Nanthia Suthana (Assist. Prof. of Neurosurgery and Bioengineering, UCLA School of Medicine) and Gyorgy Buzsaki (Biggs Professor of Neuroscience, NYU School of Medicine), and scientist-entrepreneurs Dan Rizzuto (CEO of Nia Therapeutics) and Nick Halper (Co-Founder of Braingrade) to discuss memory, and memory enhancement applications of BCI.

Like many of you I approached, and to some extent still do approach, the concept of memory enhancement with skepticism. But the conversation today is going to be a grounded one, and I think you will see that there is some real science here that can give us reason to be cautiously optimistic about the future of memory and BCI. I hope you enjoy the episode.
- Matt Angle

00:43 | Guest Introductions

07:38 | Types of Memory

26:47 | Building a Memory Prosthetic

38:05 | Predicting the Future: BCI to Decode/Reconstruct Memory

46:26 | Clinical Evidence of Modulating Memory

1:02:52 | New Approaches For Enhancing Memory

1:17:48 | Closing the Research-Clinical Gap

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