115: Passive Income through Mobile Home Investing, with Jefferson Lilly


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[TweetThis] Starting an internet based business is not the only way to cashflow passive income and people often overlook the mobile home park niche. Did you know that Mobile Home Park investing could also be a source of diversification of your passive income? We don’t often think about it, but there are people out there who would prefer not to live in an apartment, but who cannot make a standard home purchase because they simply do not have the cash to do so. They still have the option however, of becoming a mobile home owner and fulfill their dream of owning their own home. If you’re an investor, this could be a great passive income opportunity for your, but today’s guest says that you should’t buy the mobile home, at least that’s not how he cash flows. Listen to today’s interview to learn more about Jefferson and his thoughts behind investing in mobile home parks for passive income.

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