120: Negative Interest Rates - The War for Your Cash!


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[TweetThis] There's a war being waged on American soil, right now! It's a war against your cash. What will you do about it? NewClassRising #podcast

The writing is on the wall!

The Central Banks of the world (including the U.S Central Bank) the Academics, the Political Elites and their Economist all want 'Negative Interest Rates' and have started to wage a war against cash - YOUR cash!

There are very specific reasons why they are doing this, but it will not work!

Unfortunately, when it fails the resulting effect will be economic armageddon and [they] will blame capitalism, the free-market, businessmen and women and will say we need even more government to steer the market.

How can you protect yourself?

Well, you'll just have to listen to today's show to find out!

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