121: Opportunistic Focus and the Key to Retiring Young


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[TweetThis] Can opportunistic focus be the key to building wealth and retiring young? This guy retired at 35 and seems to think so. http://bit.ly/1RGI3hh

Today's guest on the show is the Financial Mentor, Todd Tresidder, whose mantra is invest smart, build wealth, retire young, live free.

Todd Retired at the age of 35 and was able to sell all of his real estate holding prior to the crash of 2008. Today he is teaches people how to build wealth through the three wealth classes he discusses on today's show.

More than anything, he believes that it is opportunistic focus, as well as investing in ones self, what is the true key to being able to build wealth and retire young.

Did I mention he retired at 35 years young?

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