129: Roger Whitney - The Retirement AnswerMan, Pt.2


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[Click to Tweet] Roger Whitney sits down with @Hector_Avellan to talk about what millennial really need to invest in to build wealth in their generation.

On this episode, Roger and I pick up where we left off last week. Much of the advice that young people receive these days when it comes to investing and building wealth for the future is that in order to retire rich, you have to start investing early.

While there is certainly some validity to that statement, building wealth by investing early is not the end all, be all. Unless you're keeping a close eye on the markets every single day or maybe even day trading, that paper wealth can always go away when recessions hit and could even be entirely whipped out if a more serious economic event, like another Depression, were to happen.

Even then however, no one has a crystal ball and knows when to time the markets. This is Rogers point and in this episode he shares WHAT young professionals need to start doing today to build wealth for the future.

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