137: 3 Reasons Customer Success Management (CSM) is Important in SaaS and Career


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The explosion of Membership and Subscription based businesses, driven by customer shopping preferences and advances in technology, over the last five years have begun to redefine how some companies interact with their customer base.

Unlike old economy business, where a customer shopped in your store once and you hoped and prayed they returned sometime in the near future, in the new economy [Membership/Subscription] businesses if you don't take a proactive approach to managing customers, you're basically conceding to your competitor.

This need proactive manage customers and ensure that they have an easy and stress free user experience has created the need for a new role on the market - the Customer Success Manager.

The Customer Success professional market is exploding, so whether you have a vision to start a SaaS based business and want to learn WHY you must leverage a CSM team from the beginning or whether you are not quite ready to make the business jump yet but want to learn CSM, in this episode I discuss:

  1. What is Customer Success Management and the (3) emerging building blocks of CSM.
  2. (3) reasons why CSM is important for Membership or Subscription based businesses
  3. Why CSM is a great career move if you want o start a SaaS in the future.

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