139: 7 Technological Disruptors for All Industries and Techies


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I am back in the New Class Rising studio after my trip to Phoenix, AZ attending the 2017 Gartner Executive Supply Chain Conference.

The conference was a blast with tons of sessions on some of the biggest trends and disruptors in the field of Supply Chain.

The theme of this years conference seemed to be focused around things like machine learning, deep learning, big data, sensor fusion, computer vision and many of the other buzz words that are taking the world by storm.

Among many of the other sessions, one of my favorite was by John Phillips from PepsiCo. His session was titled "Bits and Bytes that will disrupt your Supply Chain" and in it he shared the 7 biggest trends that are changing the way people do business, consumers shop and retailers stock their shelves.

In this episode I share those 7 major disruptors, and as a side not, some of the crazyness going on in "casa de Mises"

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