142: The Holographic Mind and Visualization for Success in your Life


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http://NewClassRising.com/142 - On today's episode I am talking about something that I have never really touched on before but that supports the idea that many successful entrepreneurs have espoused - the idea that you can visualize yourself to success - and it all starts with something that you have probably never heard about, the Holographic Universe.

I have always been intrigued by this idea that you can "think your way to success" or that you can "materialize" anything you want into existence by simply using the power of the mind or through visualization. Many successful entrepreneurs all talk about this same concept, but how does it actually work and it is really that easy, why isn't everyone doing it to materialize everything they have ever wanted into existence?

In comes the idea of the Holographic Universe.

Now, I will admit that I am not expert on the concept of the Holographic Universe, or what I talk about in this episode of the podcast which is the Holographic mind, but I have to say that as I read this book I started to become very convinced about many of the ideas the book presents on the Holographic nature of our current existence. Surprisingly, I also felt a weird sense of peace and understanding about myself and place in the universe descend upon me. Not something I was expecting before I opened this book all together.

It is hard to explain it all here, but in this episode of the podcast I do 3 things.

  • I tell you what is the idea, or theory, behind the Holographic Universe and the Holographic Mind
  • I share why we know can speculate that only a Holographic Mind could function as our minds function today
  • Why and How you can use your Holographic Mind to Visualize Yourself to Success in Business, Profession, Life and Relationships

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