145: Treat yourself like a Business - 7 KPI Series, Pt.2


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So. I know, I know - I've been away from the show for a while (again) but let's put that aside for a sec because I have been hard at work and I have something pretty rad and important to give to you at the end of this episode -- but first, let me go into what I am covering on the show for today.

On this episode of the New Class Rising podcast we picking back up from where we left off last time and I am covering the 7 specific Wealth KPIs that you need to track to be 100% crystal clear on your Financial Snapshot.

Look, I am unequivocally convinced that one of the reasons why I have not been successful in business has been because I've carried with me too many levels of stress have not served me well, and in fact, have served as resistance to actually executing on my own ideas that could may have produced a profitable business with monthly streams of passive income.

What am I referring to?

Debt - that's what!

You know, one of the reasons you see Mark Zuckerberg and would see Steve Jobs wearing the same clothes often is because they know that if they minimize the numbers of decisions they have to make on a daily basis, which actually increase stress, that energy can then be forced on actually accomplishing the things they want to get done.

In essence, they reduce stress by not focusing on the things that don't matter and instead focusing ALL of their mental energy on the things that DO matter.

Sounds like a pretty monumental idea, I know (you do realize... I am totally kidding, right?) but bodying this one simple thing they are ensuring they minimize stress and mental roadblocks and that they can fully commit to their work.

Similarly, being crystal clear about your financial snapshot can allow you to have the same level of focus but when it comes to making LIFE decisions, like deciding you've had enough of the stuff your boss is serving you on the daily and you want to explore the entrepreneurial world, from the comfort of your safety-net job of course.

Seriously though, removing this stressor is what I believe holds many people from making the decision to become entrepreneurs and for those who do make there decision to do so (like me), this added layer of stress holds you back from executing on ideas, you second guess yourself, you worry and inevitably things don't work out as they should.

This is a long episode but it is a good one and listen all the way to the end to now where and how you can get my free give away!


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