The Current State of the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry


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The advancement of technologies such as 5G, VR, and AI has introduced another dimension for companies to compete on. These technologies were non-existent in the consumer market just two decades ago; back then, companies only had to deal with complexity related to customers’ need for customization. Manufacturers are now embracing solutions such as digital twins and virtual simulations to profitably accommodate complexities brought on by these advancements.

I’m your host, Jennifer Piper, and today I’m joined by three guests from Siemens Digital Industries Software. They are, Craig Armenti, Director of Electronics Solutions, Nick Daumann, Senior Marketing Coordinator, and Alan D. Porter, Vice President, Electronics & Semiconductor Industry. They’ll help us understand the current state of the electronics and semiconductors industry.

In this episode, you’ll hear about the trends that are taking place in the industry and how they are impacting electronics design and manufacture. You’ll also hear about the role of mechanical design solutions in electronics design. Lastly, we’ll discuss the impact that digitalization is having on the industry and what we can expect to see from it in the near future.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What are the challenges that the electronics and semiconductor industry is facing? (07:31)
  • Do you have any challenges that are related to resilience? (09:29)
  • Did the pandemic have any impact on the electronics and semiconductor industry? (22:20)
  • What should we expect to see coming up in the electronics and semiconductor industry? (24:37)
  • What do you think we’ll see in the area of flexible engineering in the future? (28:29)

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Trends in the electronics and semiconductor industry today (03:02)
  • The impact on government regulations on the electronics industry (10:37)
  • The importance of mechanical design in electronics design and development (12:12)
  • The role of simulation in electronics design and manufacture (17:24)
  • Role of AI in the electronics design process (26:02)

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