#660 - How to Actually Manifest What You Really Want


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"Are you willing to pay the price for the promise you believe you'll get." - Kevin P.
In this episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros dive deeper into the concept of manifestation. Unfortunately, the term manifestation is easily thrown up in the air. It seems like people don't understand that hard work is involved in order for your goals to manifest. Today they unpack the manifestation formula and hope that their listeners will understand that simply hoping isn't enough. You need to take action and be consistent about it to attract the goals and dreams that you intend to achieve.
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Show notes:
[2:03] Manifestation = set intention + pay attention + strategize + take action + learn from it + consistency
[3:56] Manifestation for Kevin: past and present
[6:58] What Kevin doesn't like about The Secret
[10:08] How to decide exactly what you intend to achieve?
[12:02] On priming your reticular activating system to keep up on things, places, persons, places, and ideas that are aligned with your intention
[13:49] Diving deeper into strategize
[15:41] Have courage and take action despite the uncertainty
[17:49] Learn from it and recalibrate
[18:59] With consistency, all things are possible; without it, almost nothing is
[20:20] Kevin's message for everyone about manifestation
[22:08] NLU online course is now available!
[23:18] Outro

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