#665 - What Do You Do When You're Sick of Getting Walked On


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In this episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros share real-life experiences of how other people walk all over others. If you have a bully in your life, they highly suggest that you stand up to them otherwise, they will continue to trample on you and disrespect you. Assertiveness is a skill that everyone needs to learn and your life is going to change the moment you start being so.
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Show notes:
[1:15] Why are we doing today's episode?
[3:20] How your self-worth plays a role in how others may or may not walk on you?
[5:32] How assertive are you?
[6:15] Listen to a testimonial from one of our one-on-one coaching clients, Bianca Thomas
[8:30] Internal dialogue vs external dialogue
[10:23] You are going to get what you tolerate
[11:31] NLU's online training course is now available
[12:48] Outro

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