#677 - The Quality Of Your Life IS The Quality Of Your Choices On The Michael Unbroken Podcast


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"The easy road is never going to fulfill you; the challenging, proactive growth road will." - Alan L.
In this episode, Alan Lazaros was interviewed by Michael Unbroken from The Michael Unbroken podcast. They talked about the effects your choices will have in your life, the power to make your circle the product of yourself, realize the importance of knowing your value, and only keep the people who will value you. Alan also shared his definition of unbroken and it's such a powerful one, so make sure you tune in.
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Show notes:
[1:43] The power of choices and how it affects your life
[7:29] How did Alan talk to himself prior to and after the accident?
[12:06] Diving deeper into redefining your inner circle
[17:43] Here's another testimonial from the cohost of The Evolution of Mom Podcast, Amy Lenius
[18:41] Who you are is what you attract
[19:40] On being committed to change
[23:08] Realizing that you don't have to invest in people who don't value you
[26:06] The power of consistency
[33:43] What does it mean to Alan to be unbroken?
[36:22] Outro

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