A Year without Men with Allison Carmen


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After decades of fighting to free themselves from male-dominated social and economic structures such as glass ceilings and pay equality, women still struggle. But many are poised to rise up with innovative ways to approach the many problems facing today’s world. A Year Without Men is an essential guide to every woman's success and liberation. Using the events of a very painful year in her own personal and professional life—her husband left her, her consulting business took an unexpected hit, and she faced a serious health scare—business consultant and life coach Allison Carmen explores the forces in women’s personal and professional lives that hold them back. As her book’s subtitle, A Twelve-Point Guide to Inspire + Empower Women, she offers simple, practical tools to help women to look within, to find their own values, morals, and passions, to work on their skills, to call on other women, and to forge new ways to do business. Together, women can create new ways to earn money, new ways to look at beauty, and so many other new ways to be in the world

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