the Nova Scotia Rampage - Sex, Alcohol, and a Cop Car - my relationship with Canada's worst Mass Murderer, Gabriel Wortman (Recorded Sept 22, 2021)


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This episode will take you to some dark places. Sex and substance abuse are the prominent themes, but ultimately we are going to hear many new and disturbing details about the man responsible for Canada's worst act of mass murder... Gabriel Wortman.

The conversation you are going to hear tonight was recorded at the home of a fellow Portapique resident who had a very complicated multi year relationship with Gabriel Wortman.

The relationship was largely fueled by alcohol but our guest, who is now living a life of sobriety, has a collection of memories that describe Gabriel Wortman in a way we've never heard.

In this episode we are going to hear a conversation about sex, alcohol, a cop car, and a complicated relationship with mass murderer Gabriel Wortman.


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