How to Think Differently About Goals This Year


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As you approach the new year, it's only natural to think about your health and fitness goals. But would you have more success if you approached them differently? In today's episode, Matt and Doug share a few lessons from the last few years of goal setting, and how they're thinking about resolutions for 2022. Huge thank you to today's episode sponsors: TEN THOUSAND: Makers of high-quality, super comfortable training shorts. Ten Thousand is offering NMA Radio listeners 15% off your first purchase. Go to ten and enter code NOMEAT to receive 15% off. ROUBXE: Where learning the core techniques and knowledge behind plant-based cooking empowers people and athletes to live a sustainable, well-fueled (and delicious) plant-based lifestyle. Visit to learn more about their plant-based programs. EVERLYWELL: Everlywell is offering a special discount of 20% off an at-home Food Sensitivity, Metabolism, Sleep & Stress, Thyroid, and other lab tests at nomeat

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