Podcast #238: STOP IT!


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Yes, it is! Welcome back to the weekly podcast No More Excuses. And, that's exactly what we are digging into today! But first, thank you for being here, listening and sharing and suggesting this podcast with others!

Last week's podcast was all about digging deeper into HABITS and how they can help us focus and also cause us to become stagnant. Hence the need to change them up occasionally.

Comfort and confidence can keep us IN a habit too long, and frustration and boredom can cause us to quit too soon or altogether.

This week I remind you what happened, why and how I changed mine and the results of doing so. What about you?


And, those RESULTS help you achieve your goals.

So, if you're bored, frustrated or perhaps, too comfy, then it's time to change shit up! Oh, but I hear all the excuses why you can't, or perhaps the why you quit!


That was chapter four of my second book titled, "How Badly Do You Want 'IT'?"

Listen in this week as I talk about just that... and how changing things up can keep you from filling another chapter in a book! During a year of uncertainty and chaos like we've had, yes, can we "blame the VID"? Yes, to an extent. But at a certain point, as I've talked about in a previous podcast, you have to make changes, pivot, etc. and move on.

I also share a story about a client who tried to give me a line of bullshit excuses and I called her on it, and what happened.

Listen in and then email me or post in the comments or message me on Instagram your answers. And then watch my social media outlets this week for questions and challenges about EXCUSES, BLAME AND BULLSHIT and how they relate to your habits!

Have a great - bullshit-free week!



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