Nostalgia Trap - Episode 281: At a New Life We Took Aim w/ Donald Borenstein (PREVIEW)


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Donald Borenstein is a freelance video director, editor, and one of my favorite online friends, whose posts on politics, culture, and media have been a highlight of my feed for years. This week we finally get to meet face to face (on Zoom) and talk about two of our respective favorite films, Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames (1983) and Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky (1982), both of which are essential viewing for anyone interested in radical politics and radical filmmaking practices. As works of sci-fi queer punk feminism, Born in Flames and Liquid Sky occupy a totally unique territory in the history of American politics and culture. In this conversation, Donald and I reflect on what makes these films “important” but also what makes them feel so fun and alive, and how they reshape the aesthetic and narrative boundaries of “political cinema.” For full episode subscribe at

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