Chapter 2: "Lt. Buckley"


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An already tense situation is made worse by two new additions to Frank's Bar & Grill.

Two badly damaged military men from a nearby army base warn of a wave of terror brought on by some unknown force.

Aliens? Zombies? Pod people?

What are our weary patrons in store for?

Cast (in order of appearance): Narrator - Hector Navarro, Private Martinez/Lieutenant Buckley - Ryan Palmieri, LaTesha Harding - Alita Lashae, Karen Berbaum - Miranda Parkin, Marcus Gladly - Shawn Morris, Sheryl Foster - Rachel Kimsey, John Plank - Scott Parkin, Frank Dunbar - Phil Lorigo, Vin - Nick Gregorio, Officer Gary Dobbs - Ted Evans, Clark Douglas - Mike Burns, Professor Paul - Samm Levine, Newscaster - Andy Riesmeyer, Corporal James Whitfield - Dan Mills

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