329: Stress, Trauma and the Autonomic Nervous System with Fiona Sutherland RD/N


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Today’s episode is brought to you by our free non-diet intention setting worksheet here, so that you can stay strong in your desire to not diet in 2022. Today’s guest is eating disorder expert, Fiona Sutherland. Fiona is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Director of The Mindful Dietitian, based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been practising for over 20 years primarily in the areas of eating and food behaviour across the lifespan, eating disorders, body image and sports nutrition. Fiona is a committed Weight Inclusive Dietitian spending most of her working week supervising other Dietitians, or running training for Dietitians and health professionals.

She is host of the Podcast “The Mindful Dietitian” and a Sports Dietitian, consulting at The Australian Ballet School and national sporting organisations. Fiona also teaches across Masters Level Dietetic training programs at several different Universities in Melbourne specifically in Counselling Skills and Weight Inclusive Approaches in Dietetics.

Fiona is a mindfulness practitioner and Yoga Teacher, bringing a particular emphasis on embodiment, mindful eating, trauma-informed approaches and body image into her work and training. In today’s episode we dive deep into the autonomic nervous system.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Fiona became an expert in the eating disorder field and in body image healing and how the body, and more specifically the nervous system, responds to stress and trauma.
  • What is the nervous system, and the different parts of the nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system.
  • What happens to our autonomic nervous system when we experience stress and trauma.
  • How our relationship with food can help or hinder how the nervous system functions.
  • Actions we can all take to support our nervous system.
  • How Fiona practices wellness without obsession.






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