NTEB HOUSE CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE: Psalm 71 Is A Powerful And Reassuring Promise From God To Never Cast Off Those That Are His


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On Friday, a dear friend of mine and one of my early street preachers by the name of Mark Bennett lost his battle with COVID and went Home to be with the Lord. We all prayed for him everyday during his illness, and Psalm 71 was something that the Lord gave me for today’s message while Mark was still fighting. It talks bout the Lord being our hope and our deliverer in even the most trying of circumstances. We live in a time of fear and panic, a time where a viral pandemic is killing millions around the world, and it feels very much like a time of emergency. But actually, this ’emergency’ has always existed but until now most people were able to numb themselves to it with self-medications of drugs, alcohol, music, sports, career paths, you name it. Long before the COVID pandemic, each day over 151,000 people died and went on to their eternal destiny and their Hebrews 9:27 unbreakable appointment. I believe that this pandemic is a judgment from God, and not only that, it is preparation for the revealing of the short-lived and coming kingdom of Antichrist. This morning, I want to bring you hope and salvation if you’re lost, and I want to remind you if you’re saved of what awaits you in glory. Mark Bennett is Home with the Lord, and one day you and I will be there, too. Let’s get something done for Him and His Kingdom between then and now. To the FIGHT!!!

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