NTEB HOUSE CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE: Troubled But Not Distressed, Cast Down But Not Destroyed, And Wonderfully Alive In Jesus Christ


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The book of Second Corinthians is an incredible book, and one that not only shows you what life is like in full-time Christian ministry, it also shows you what the true Christian life is all about. In Second Corinthians, you will find words like "bondage, treasure, death, blinded, affliction, heaviness, salvation, despair, and sufferings". Paul pulls no punches here, you get a look at 'real deal' Christianity that is at once eye-opening and comforting. As COVID rages, thousands are falling ill, and there is misinformation and confusion on every side, coming from every quarter, we need to know what the absolute, unvarnished truth is in order to make the right decisions for ourselves and for our loved ones. Not only that, there is the eternal question of how we are to live here, in light of the Judgment Seat of Christ there. Today I would like to bring you a message on the reality of the Christian life, unchanged in the past 2,000 years, unaffected by changes in customs and cultures, that will help you to walk closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Decades of lukewarm 'prosperity preaching' has greatly dulled the spiritual senses of the average Christian, and I pray that this message this morning will help you to adjust your spiritual eyesight to see clearly the path set before you.

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