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OC Bites: the freshest take on the Orange County dining scene. This show will help you navigate the O.C. food scene and find the restaurants that will give you the most enjoyment. Orange County is bursting at the seams with a tremendous variety and diversity of restaurants. It’s wonderful to have so many options, but it also can be really tricky to find the right restaurant with so many to pick from. That’s where I come in. I’m interested in exploring each part of the O.C. to find great places to eat that might not be on your radar. I am both a foodie and a Nutritionist - which gives me a unique perspective. This podcast was born out of my love of food and dining out and my desire to share my experiences and adventures of dining out with you. In this show, I will try out a variety of different restaurants each week in the O.C. and provide you with my vivid and unbiased impressions. I will also interview interesting local chefs and restauranteurs - to learn about their backstory and get a deeper, insider’s view of their restaurants. Relax, sit back and let me be your guide - to the best of the O.C. restaurant scene!

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