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Episode 011. Do you truly love what you do as a business? Is your passion so clear to others that it's undeniable? Andy Brennan is truly passionate about his craft and trade. Andy is the founder and owner of Aaron Burr Cider and author of Uncultivated: Wild Apples, Real Cider, and the Complicated Art of Making a Living. A life-long artist, Andy did not set out to be a wild apple cidermaker (though always intrigued by the fruit), a writer nor a speaker. His publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, were able to seduce him to attend and speak at the Mother Earth News Fair being held in Albany, Oregon. Due to his interest in visiting Oregon, (he admits a desire to interview some Pacific coast trees) he unknowingly was set on a direct course to be interviewed by Brian J. Pombo for the Off-the-Grid Biz Podcast. How does a struggling artist end up becoming an apple farmer? How does he stand out in the growing and crowded cider market? The way Andy mixes his business with his philosophy, while continuing an uncompromising life is instructive and liberating to any searching or struggling entrepreneur. Listen now! Find out more about Andy Brennan: Find out the business events secrets for growing and strengthening ANY company: Full Transcript Brian: Have you found any way around that yourself? Andy: For sure. The best solution is always to build intimate relationships with customers which ask questions and you know, certainly large companies, they don't have the time or the inclination to have one on one relationships with their customers. Even though I said I'm an introvert, I can't hide from the fact that bonding with my customers is the only thing that that's going to save, I think people like me from actually becoming road kill to bigger, faster and cheaper. Podcast Intro: If you're someone who refuses to go along to get along, if you question whether the status quo was good enough for you and your family. If you want to leave this world better off than you found it and you consider independence a sacred thing. You may be a prepper, a gardener, a homesteader, a survivalist, or a farmer or rancher, an environmentalist or a rugged outdoorsman. We are here to celebrate you whether you're looking to improve your Maverick business or to find out more about the latest products and services available to the weekend rebel. From selling chicken eggs online, to building up your food storage or collecting handmade soap.This show is for those who choose the road less traveled the road to self-reliance for those that are living a daring adventure life off the grid. Brian: A homestead farmer who began making cider in 2007 from wild apples. After rising to national prominence with his cider company, Aaron Burr Cider. He wrote a book Uncultivated, which just came out. Andy Brennan, welcome to The Off The Grid Biz Podcast. Andy: Thank you. It's great to be talking to you, it's an honor. Brian: Yeah. So, who are you, and just let us know a little about what you do? Andy: My name is Andy Brennan and I am a homestead farmer, Apple farmer and cider maker. The town of Wurtsboro, New York, which is 75 miles North and West of New York city. It's in the foothills, the first few mountains as you're approaching the Catskill mountains and we're very close to the Hudson Valley. But in terms of a cultural region, we're more associated with the Catskills. Brian: So how did you end up here? What's your life story up to this point? Andy: Well, I was an artist first. That's what brought me to New York city from originally I'm from the Washington D C area. And after art school, I ended up in New York. Like a lot of people ended up living on couches for 10 years, trying to be the, you know, famous artists or whatever.

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