David & Beth Pruett – AMP-3: Part 2


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Episode 31. When it comes to your business, what are you good at, and what do you need help with? Are you ACTIVELY searching for help? In this episode David and Beth Pruett discuss with host Brian J. Pombo all the highs and lows of building an "accidental business." When their first product became a run-away seller, they inadvertently found themselves in the growing world of eCommerce. A load of live events, rampant customers and a hugely popular YouTube Channel later, David and Beth are looking to take their website and business to the next level. What do they recommend for growing businesses? Listen Now! Find out more about David, Beth and AMP-3: https://www.amp-3.net/ Checkout David & Beth's YouTube Channel: USNERDOC Beat out your competition – EVEN if it’s Amazon.com: https://brianjpombo.com/amazonbook Full Transcript Beth: David and I have always had the theory that we are not here to sell you something. We want to teach you something, from day one. If we don't sell anything, that's fine. If you learn a skill and can take that home with you, that is more important to us than us selling you a product. Podcast Intro: If you're someone who refuses to go along to get along, if you question whether the status quo was good enough for you and your family. If you want to leave this world better off than you found it and you consider independence a sacred thing. You may be a prepper, a gardener, a homesteader, a survivalist, or a farmer or rancher, an environmentalist or a rugged outdoorsman. We are here to celebrate you whether you're looking to improve your Maverick business or to find out more about the latest products and services available to the weekend rebel. From selling chicken eggs online, to building up your food storage or collecting handmade soap. This show is for those who choose the road less traveled the road to self-reliance for those that are living a daring adventure life off the grid. Brian: Welcome to the Off The Grid Biz Podcast, I'm Brian Pombo. What you're about to hear is part two, in a two part interview series that we're doing with David and Beth Pruett, owners of AMP-3.net and host of the YouTube channel, USNERDOC. The first conversation went deeply into the life story and background and what drew them both into the arena of emergency preparedness and true emergency preparedness. Not just the prepper stuff that you see on TV, but really preparing for specific emergency situations. It's very interesting. If you did not get a chance to listen to it and make sure and go back and listen to that part one first, you could get that over at offthegridbiz.com. This is part two. In this one, we focus much more into the details of their business and what makes it work, what they'd rather be doing better in their business, and we go into some of that, although we mainly focus on the areas that they're wanting to improve in. But David and Beth's frankness and openness about where they're at and where they want to be was really refreshing. Great to listen to and I hope it will help you to develop where you want to take your business to. Now let me set the scene. This is a second interview that took place months after the first interview. This time we did the interview from inside of their new camper trailer that they call Liberty. You get to hear a little bit of the back and forth of them referring back to Liberty. They're talking about where we're sitting right there. So have a listen, enjoy and I'll be back on the other end to discuss some of what I got out of the conversation. Brian: When you first started putting kits together, what were you thinking was going to happen? What actually happened? David: The first thought was that we would build 10 and that would be good for a year.

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