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Episode 007. Who is your tribe? Which customers represent your products perfectly? Do you show appreciation for them? Do you try to duplicate their success? Jake Daly is the CEO of Tiny Life Supply, and they treat their best customers like royalty. They are not stopping there. Jake is out to find every person who is interested in the scaled-down, minimalist lifestyle and offer them products that can build and transform their homes. With only three years behind him, Jake has learned a ton about business management and not sweating the small stuff. Well worth a listen! To find out more about Tiny Life Supply's fine products:United States: https://tinylifesupply.com Canada: https://tinylifesupply.ca/ Find out how you can transform your successful company into your Dream Business: http://brianjpombo.com/dreambiz/ Full Transcript Jake: We'd get all these calls from broke hippies saying like, you know, I'm working on this crazy thing. Can you give me a free toilet? Can you give me a free stove? Can you give me a free this? Can I how much of a discount can I get on this? And I looked at Axel and I'm like, why have we made a business where our target market is broke Hippies? Like we should, we should open a jewelry store. You know, let's sell diamonds to people. But then not long after that, it kind of struck me. I was looking in the mirror and the face looking back at me. It's a broke hippie. I am a broke hippie. Podcast Intro: If you're someone who refuses to go along to get along, if you question whether the status quo was good enough for you and your family. If you want to leave this world better off than you found it and you consider independence a sacred thing. You may be a prepper, a gardener, a homesteader, a survivalist, or a farmer or rancher, an environmentalist or a rugged outdoorsman. We are here to celebrate you whether you're looking to improve your Maverick business or to find out more about the latest products and services available to the weekend rebel. From selling chicken eggs online, to building up your food storage or collecting handmade soap. This show is for those who choose the road less traveled the road to self-reliance for those that are living a daring adventure life off the grid. Brian: Jake Daily is the director of marketing and founding partner at Tiny Life Supply, which is an online store and information hub that supplies everything necessary to build a maintain your own tiny dream home. He lives and works in his hometown of Smithers, British Columbia. Oversees all aspects of marketing, brand management and business development for Tiny Life Supply. In 2017, Jake co-founded Canadian tech startup proximity app. Prior to his work in tech, Jake founded and manage equilibrium contracting and has also contributed to business growth in a variety of managerial roles. Companies such as Backwoods Contracting, Caldera House, and Canadian National Railway. As a volunteer, Jake recently co-founded Mountains Of Relief, an NGO dedicated to earthquake relief efforts in affected areas of rural Nepal. After building a strong foundation in business development management, web design, and HR, Jake was looking for an opportunity to utilize his unique skillset to contribute to positive change. After numerous brainstorming sessions with his childhood friend, Axel Whalen, Jake joined tiny life supply in 2016. And with that I'd like to welcome Jake Daily to The Off The Grid Biz Podcast. Hi Jake. Jake: Hey Brian, right on. Well thanks a lot for having me. Excited to get to spend some time chatting here. Brian: We're happy to have you here. Why don't you tell us a little bit about what it is that you do. Jake: Yeah, well our main mantra, we didn't start Tiny Life Supply with a, you know,

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