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Episode 28. How do you stand out in front of your customers? Have you adopted a cause that your clients can relate with? RaeJean Wilson is the Senior Vice President of GloryBee, a family-run company since 1975. Her parents, Dick and Pat Turanski started GloryBee Foods with a dream of providing natural, healthy ingredients for the people of their town. It has grown to international fame, but they have never lost the original principles. In our conversation, RaeJean discusses how she never saw herself in the family business, but has fallen in love with the process, the customers and the cause they have set out on to "Save the Bee." Where is your company going to be in 45 years? Listen Now! Find out more about GloryBee: https://www.glorybee.com/ Beat out your competition – EVEN if it’s Amazon.com: https://brianjpombo.com/amazonbook Full Transcript RaeJean: Another fun dream of mine was have a healthy event we have a save to be five k, this will be the six year we've been fortunate enough to raise over $10,000 the last couple years at that event because we get people to sponsor the race and then every penny of your race fee goes to save the bees. Podcast Intro: If you're someone who refuses to go along to get along, if you question whether the status quo was good enough for you and your family. If you want to leave this world better off than you found it and you consider independence a sacred thing. You may be a prepper, a gardener, a homesteader, a survivalist, or a farmer or rancher, an environmentalist or a rugged outdoorsman.We are here to celebrate you whether you're looking to improve your maverick business or to find out more about the latest products and services available to the weekend rebel.From selling chicken eggs online, to building up your food storage or collecting handmade soap.This show is for those who choose the road less traveled the road to self-reliance for those that are living a daring adventure, life off the grid. Brian: RaeJean Wilson is the daughter of GloryBee founders Dick and Pat Turanski. RaeJean has served in the family business in several capacities over the last 25 plus years following college, her focus was on sales and building GloryBees customer base. She also spent 10 years as GloryBees HR manager. In 2015, RaeJean stepped into the position of senior executive vice president where she now co-leads the company with her brother Alan Turanski, overseeing sales, marketing, human resources, safety, sustainability and community outreach. RaeJean Wilson, welcome to the Off The Grid Biz Podcast. RaeJean: Thank you. Thanks for having me today. Brian: Absolutely. Now, why don't you let us all know a little bit about what you do? RaeJean: Well, like my bio said, I'm the Senior Executive Vice President at GloryBee and I spend a lot of my day sitting in an office in meeting solving problems helping people solve their problems so that we can take care of our customers. Specifically, I'm involved in our community programs where we give back causes vice president of marketing as well and vice president of sales, working on our branding, our new products, our marketing plan, we're in the middle of a brand refresh right now. On the human resource side, I connect that with our safety and sustainability that has a lot to do with our people development and the programs that connect to that that are tied to our values and keeping our employees safe. And making sure they work they do has the best environmental impact possible or the least environmental impact possible. Brian: Great. So have you always seen yourself in the in the family business? RaeJean: Well, actually, no. I never really ever thought I would work in the family business. But after college, I wasn't really able to pursue the exact career I had hoped for. Because I realized it would create the need to go back to school didn't want to do that at the time and so I ended up coming here w...

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