EP Soixante-Neuf: Adoption Planning with Touchy Feely Productivity Score


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IDO, Microsoft: Intelligence-Driven Organisation Framework Deloitte: Insight Driven Organisation “Basically almost the same and identical” to be precise.

Understanding the metrics https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/productivity/productivity-score

The boys eventually start to look at the areas monitored with the productivity Score, ignoring the physical network aspects. They focus on the people aspects to try and make a judgement on the way people are changing.

Microsoft has looked at how people are working but with the context of generating information from the cold hard data figures. Achieved through a combination of data sets to create a story of change

Comparisons are made between the number of people enabled for a function and the number of people using the tools available to them.

Marijn and Steve are not sure about the way meeting definitions are used in the productivity Score. Where Camera-on gets a higher mark than a meeting without Camera usage by the participants. However, they like that meetings that include screen sharing have a higher value as this indicates good Collaboration

Tracking the mobility of your users is about using multiple devices for a user and using different applications to edit or view content.

Working through all the pages on the Productivity Score page, Office365Distilled becomes more optimistic about how these tools can judge Collaboration across the enterprise.

Then we move to TOAD or The Oxford Artisan Distillery, where the boys visited a few weeks ago and bought a bottle that is distilled from grains propagated from 300+-year-old seeds. This drink is truly a great tasting Rye Whisky.

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