EP66: 'Everybody Fights' with the Holderness Family


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Viral sensations Kim and Penn Holderness are known for their hilarious musical parodies and comedy skits on YouTube. But behind the laughs is a real couple with real problems just like everyone else. It's why they decided to write their first book 'Everybody Fights: Why Not Get Better At It. Kim and Penn open up about going to counseling for their marriage and how the journey equipped them with incredible tools any married couple could apply to their own challenges. We also talk about how they've been successful staying relevant in the digital space since their breakout video 'Christmas Jammies' in 2013. The couple offers social media advice for those trying to grow their own brand and talk about taking a leap of faith to leave a stable job to try something new.

Also in this episode we start off with introducing a new segment on the pod called GOOD QUESTION. Every week after the interview I'll answer whatever is on YOUR mind. You can submit your good question by texting Angie direct at 202-918-5313.

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