KANE LIM: Bling Empire's Breakout Star on SEASON 2 and the Power of Finding Inner Wealth


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This week we go beyond the bling and straight to the heart of one of Netflix's newest reality stars, Bling Empire's Kane Lim. The Singaporean real-estate entrepreneur won fans over with his bubbly personality, insane style and genuine compassion for others. Kane joined me to talk about the sudden fame, living rich but lacking inner wealth for a long time. We dive into a dark chapter of his life that led him to finding a spiritual path that changed his life forever. With an even more glamorous SEASON 2 in the works right now Kane says the series will also take on more serious issues like anti-asian prejudice. He shares his personal story of being a victim of a racially charged attack and what can be done to stop the hate. And of course he dishes on his castmates and storylines that left us with a lot of questions at the end of Season 1. We also get a tour of his incredible shoe collection -- which by the way is so big it sits in his living room! Episode Content Warning: Language Video Credit: Netflix and Kane Lim Follow Kane on IG http://instagram.com/kanelk_k Follow Angie on IG http://instagram.com/ohmygoff Follow the Show: http://instagram.com/ohmygoffshow Join our Facebook Community: http://facebook.com/ohmygoff Watch the Show: http://youtube.com/ohmygoff Show Notes: http://ohmygoff.com

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