Episode 12: Clark County (Juan Kinley)


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Welcome to episode 12 of Ohio 88 where we will be discussing one of the most notorious individuals from Clark County, Ohio. For this episode, we will be discussing Juan Kinley.
As a quick summary; Juan Kinley murdered his 31-year-old girlfriend and her 12-year-old son with a machete on Jan. 10, 1989. Kinley remains on Ohio's death row following his 1991 conviction.
Since being convicted and sentenced, Juan has been fighting to get off of death row. His latest writ of Habeas Corpus was denied in December of 2020. And at the time of this recording - June 01, 2021...Juan Kinley was on a list of Pending Cases for the Southern District of Ohio.
His case is in a state of abeyance...or temporarily on hold until matters are resolved.
So, Juan Kinley is still sitting on death row and being housed at Chillicothe Correctional Institution.
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