Billy Meier Big Picture / Overview


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Billy was lead into Sfaths ship and he was asked to sit down. In the small screens on the ship Billy could see people below the ship. The ship was up some 70 thousand meters in the air. Billy was already up to the development of a 35 year old man. Sfath told Billy that he would get a new teacher. Sfath told Billy that the people of the earth were entering into a very dangerous time. Sfath transmitted great knowledge to Billy and at one point placed a device with many wires on young Billy's head. From the device Billy got a great wellspring of knowledge. Billy felt very unusual forces penetrating into him and he suddenly new events that would take place in the future. Sfath then removed the strange instruments from his head. Sfath explained that certain abilities were awakened within Billy because of this instrument. These were abilities that Billy had developed in previous lifetimes and these abilities would help him in this difficult mission during this lifetime. There was also some ability that this device gave him which would protect Billy from those that were trying to force themselves into Billy's mind.

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