Discussion With Solaris About the Spirit Form


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The body itself as well as the consciousness are animated by an impulsating, spirit energy, just as a plant is. (Impulsating or impulsation are new words, with the meaning: = something goes inside, something develops). The software incarnates in the form of the consciousness-block together with the reincarnating spirit-form on the 21st day after conception, whereupon the heart of the embryo starts to beat and the development of the basic character begins. This means that after the reincarnation of the spirit-form and the incarnation of the consciousness-block into the embryo, the subconsciousness exists in the form of impulsations in our brain, as do all the other consciousness-block-programs —such as consciousness, subconsciousness, memory, mentality, psyche, personality, self/ego, thoughts, feelings, senses, unconscious-forms, etc. Everything in the entire universe is composed of moving impulses or impulsations, including all cells, merely the consistency of each is different. From the very moment the spirit-form reincarnates and the consciousness-block incarnates into the embryo, the embryo is correctly called a foetus, although this is not yet known to medical experts. They still think the embryo phase lasts 3 months instead of only three weeks or 21 days.

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