Jmmanuel the One With Jschwisch-Knowledge


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JHWH Jschwisch - King of Wisdom JHWH was, for the Hebrews, in accordance with their false understanding, the unutterable name 'God', so a term that was falsely equated with God, Exodus 3:16 "He who is who he is". The old speller was jahweh asher jahweh; The word 'Jahweh' was pronounced by the ancient Hebrews 'Jahh-Wee'. where the stress is given on the wee. JHWH is from the old Lyrian language that was brought here by the star travelers who came from Lyra Vega. The Jschwisch is knowledgeable and educated as high as possible in cognition, interpretation and observance of the creational laws. So the JHWH is an example for people that still need to be instructed and have not reached this level. The Jschwisch also prepares himself for the distant time that will allow him to cast off his physical body and enter as a half-spirit-form into the areas of immaterial existence.

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