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Wasps!? Don’t even THINK of skipping this one, my beautiful chickens. You’re about to change your outlook on the most maligned winged sky babies, and we are delighted that author, bug dude, and spheksologist Eric Eaton is about to change your mind and fill your heart with respect and appreciation. Hunker down for fig critters, bejeweled zombie queens, bug corsets, underdogs, BBQ tips, gardening secrets, stinger myths and snack vaults. Just because homicidal hornets make headlines doesn’t mean you know squat about the real life of the beautifully diverse world of wasps, from the teeny tiny to the large and legendary. Wasps: they’re not dicks.

Find Eric's book wherever books are sold: https://bookshop.org/books/wasps-the-astonishing-diversity-of-a-misunderstood-insect/9780691211428

Check out Eric’s blog: http://bugeric.blogspot.com/


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